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13 Halloween Fun Halloween Decoration Ideas

Put together some of these easy and fun Halloween decorations to spruce up your yard for trick or treaters. Some of these Halloween décor ideas are perfect to add some color to the inside of your home, too. And, use some for table centerpieces throughout the Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons.

Garage Door Pumpkin Patch

Cut pumpkins and black cats out of sheets of adhesive vinyl. Add some bats or even a buck looking over the pumpkin patch. Attach the vinyl to the garage door. If one of the decorations covers a seam in the garage door, cut the vinyl at the seam so you are able to open and close the door without ruining your Halloween décor.

A Splash of Color

Fill apothecary jars with boldly colored leaves from the trees outside. Place the jars on a mantle or use them as a table centerpiece. You could also buy artificial leaves if the trees around your home don’t have enough color.

Succulent Pumpkin Planter

Scoop the insides of a pumpkin out from the top. Fill the pumpkin with the appropriate potting soil for your favorite succulents. Add the succulents. These also make a great table centerpiece.

Witch Pumpkin

Tip a pumpkin on its side so that the stem is facing you. When you get it where you like it, cut a thin slice off what is now the bottom of the pumpkin so that it won’t roll. Add witch eyes and a witch grin with markers or heavy-duty construction paper. Top it off with a witch’s hat.

Halloween Garland

Cut pumpkin, black cat and other Halloween shapes from heavy construction paper. String them on black ribbon or twine and hang the garland on the mantle or over a door.

Pumpkin City

Carve a hole in the bottom of several different-sized pumpkins. Scoop out the pulp and then put the cut pieces back in place. Draw houses on the face of the pumpkins with a felt-tip pen. Carve the windows out of the houses. Paint the houses with black flat acrylic paint using a fine-tipped brush. Let the paint dry. Glue a battery-operated votive candle in the base of each pumpkin house using adhesive putty.

Mini Pumpkin Wreath

Gather the supplies you need: a 12-inch foam wreath form, about 8 cups of dried putka pods, hot glue gun, scissors and ribbon. Place a dab of glue on the foam wreath and press a dried putka pod into the hot glue. Hold it in place until the glue dries. Repeat the process until the entire wreath form’s front and sides are covered. Keep the pods as close to each other as possible. Make bows from the ribbon and glue them in place over spots where you can see the wreath or glue more pods over those spaces. Use some of the ribbon to make a hanger for the wreath.

Pumpkin Spiders

Scoop the pulp out of mini pumpkins. Make spider legs from black pipe cleaners. Stick them into the mini pumpkin. Cut out eyes for the spider. Place a tea light candle inside the pumpkin.

Halloween Ice Bucket

Cut a large oval out of the top of a pumpkin. Scoop out the pulp. Smooth the inside with a paring knife once you get the pulp out. Fill the pumpkin with ice and add your favorite bottle of wine.

Litter of Black Cats

Cut cat shapes out of plywood. Paint the cats black. Paint eyes for the cats with glow-in-the-dark paint. Lean the cats against a wall or screw them to a stake to stand them up in the yard.

Halloween Candelabra

Find a squat pumpkin. Place the hurricane glass on top of the pumpkin. Trace the base and then cut out the top of the pumpkin on the line. Remove the pulp. Glue three candles in the pumpkin using adhesive. Slide the hurricane over the candles. Decorate the base of the hurricane with trailing ivy.

Cookie Cutter Pumpkins

Scoop the pulp out of a pumpkin. Place a cookie cutter where you want a cut-out shape. Gently tap the cookie cutter into the pumpkin with a hammer. Remove the cutter and the shape. Light up the shaped holes with a battery-operated candle or light.

Hanging Bats

Cut bats out from black craft foam. Add googly eyes. String the bats up with fishing line and hang them from the porch or a tree in the front yard. Create different-sized bats.

Find more Halloween décor ideas here and here.

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