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Make the Move Easy: Moving With Kids

Moving can be a chore, but when kids are involved, things can get a little difficult. There are a number of things to consider, so getting everyone on the same page will help navigate an easy move. Here’s how to Make the Move Easy: Moving With Kids:

Have a meeting of the minds

A family meeting helps get everyone on board. This is when you discuss what dates you are moving, and assign tasks to everyone.Empower your kids to take care of their belongings – it will help them feel included, and can make a huge difference in their overall outlook.

Survey the new area

One of the best ways to get the kids excited about the move is by sharing the new place. If you can drive to the new home and allow the kids to pick out their rooms, they will now have a sense of ownership. If the location is too far away, pictures or seeing the home on the internet can suffice. As long as they can see where they will be living, it will help make the transition easier.

Clean house

Have the kids go through their rooms to determine what they don’t want or can’t wear. You can donate these things to the local shelter, or organize a garage sale. Allowing the kids to give to a greater cause, or make a little money. The family can decide what to do with the money as a collective, or each child can have their proceeds to do what they wish.

Own their new space

Give the kids an opportunity to plan their space once they see where they will be living. Letting them choose their paint colors and bedroom furniture will help them feel settled.

Organize their contacts

If your kids have a number of friends they will be leaving behind, help them organize a way to contact their friends. They could set up a Skype account or exchange emails just to keep the lines of communication open.

Put them in charge

Depending on their age, you could put your kids in charge of certain things. Color-code the boxes in each room and have them make a list of the boxes, and what they contain. You can also allow them to wrap certain items, and check off the list of boxes as the movers remove them from the old location, and check to make sure those boxes are intact at the new one.

These recommendations will help make the transition easier for your kids as they embark on a new adventure. Doing what you can to ease their anxiety and keeping them in the loop on the moves you make will also help bring the family closer during this transition. Making a move with kids doesn’t have to be dull and boring – with a lot of love and a sense of togetherness, you’ve laid the foundation for an easy move.

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Kim McBee epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work and a creative service in every detail of your real estate transaction that makes buying or selling your home an incredible, memorable experience. She uses her 13 years of experience to help you achieve your goals with the least amount of stress possible. Whether a first time buyer or an experienced seller, Kim will bring her spirited energy and real estate knowledge to your next adventure. Kim is a licensed Real Estate Broker in both North and South Carolina and is an active member of the Charlotte Regional Realtors Association as well as the National and Local Home Builders Associations. Kim started her career in real estate in 2002 with Crescent Resources, a large residential, commercial and multi-family developer based in Charlotte, NC. She and partner Gus Testa had the opportunity to work in most of their residential communities in the Charlotte region during their ten (10) year tenure. In 2012, Kim and Gus, along with a local area developer, formed On Point Carolinas Realty, LLC. On Point Carolinas Realty, LLC is a full service real estate company, working with buyers and sellers in both new home construction and re-sale homes. From 2002 – 2012, Kim and Gus sold between $15 - $50 million in volume in the Lake Norman, Charlotte and northern most portions of South Carolina. Now with On Point Carolinas Realty, LLC, they continue to work every aspect of the real estate industry representing sellers, buyers, investors and banks in the residential market. Before entering the real estate industry, Kim took a five year leave of absence from work as a scheduling analyst/cost engineer in the nuclear power industry for Stone & Webster >Engineering and Bechtel Power Corporation to stay home and raise her son.

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